Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Team 3

To get started, each one of you should pick a new theme--not one of the ones that you chose as a class--and connect your NEW theme to one work of art of your choice. It doesn't have to be in your textbook. IMPORTANT: use the "comment" function below this post so that you create a thread for your group.


  1. In Medias Res: Works of Mystery and Intrigue--
    Jane Dickinson, "Stairwell," 1984

  2. Go Green: Works of Environmentalism

    Ana Mendieta, "Flowers on Body," 1973

  3. I like your idea Zach. I'm still wondering what other works would fit into your category.

    And my theme: Physical/Mental Disabilities Portrayed through Art

    Frida Kahlo, "The Broken Column", 1944

  4. The Art of Parody: A New Take on Classical Art.

    Fransisco Munguia's work is a perfect example of this. Specifically, I chose "Global Warming", produced in July 2010. Seen via the link below, "Global Warming" is a parody of Salvador Dali's "Persistence of Time", one of the pieces in his collection of melted clock works.

  5. Manfred Kielnhofer, "Guardians of Time"

    So, we opened up to some more possibilities due to our room assignment and this was one of the pieces we looked at. Various image links are to follow:

  6. Lorado Taft, "Eternal Silence"

  7. Herman Matzen, "The Angel of Death Victorious," 1924

  8. Additionally, feel free to post any other ideas you have and be sure to keep in mind that we can remove the crown molding and shallow recessed arches in order to create more wall space.

  9. Hey you guys, you can pretend the crown molding isn't there, but I draw the line at removing the shallow arches. You'll have to work with those. Next thing you know, you'll be making skylights or blocking doors! :-)


    Giorgio De Chirico, Melancholy and Mystery of a Street, 1914

  11. In Medias Res Revised!

    Edward Gorey, "An Illustration from The West Wing," 1963

  12. Possible work list:

    Dickson-"Stairwell" (arch)
    Lichtenstein-"I Know...Brad" (arch)
    Edvard Munch-Eye in Eye (arch)
    Pontormo-Deposition (arch)

    De Chirco- Melancholy and Mystery of a Street (wall)
    Edward Gorey (wall)
    "Spots"-Dr. Suess (p15) (wall)
    Bruce Cegur-Man in Corner (wall)
    Roy De Carava-Sun and Shade (wall)

    Ausgustus Saint-Gaudens-Adams Memorial (apse)