Monday, February 7, 2011

Team 1

To get started, each one of you should pick a new theme--not one of the ones that you chose as a class--and connect your NEW theme to one work of art of your choice. It doesn't have to be in your textbook. IMPORTANT: use the "comment" function below this post so that you create a thread for your group.


  1. The Individual & Society could be an interesting theme that I don't think was said before... How society might affect the individual or just how they might stand out.

  2. Human interaction with technology > Media and Technological Determinism
    Example: Rene Magritte, The Treachery (or Perfidy) of Images

    Example: Alberto Giacometti, Man Walking

  3. I had two ideas...

    The theme of Movement I think could be interesting.... either movement taken in an abstract way or movement taken in realistic spaces, dance, etc

    Example: Vincent Van Gogh- Starry Night


    The human psychi and abstractions

    Example: Salvador Dali- Geopoliticus Child or Raphaelesque Head Exploded

  4. Hi all, especially John--I keep meaning to tell you that I don't have the Power Point that John asked for from the Picturing War course.

  5. The Banksy West Bank Wall Murals & Quotes:

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  7. This website has 7 of 9 images:,,1543331,00.html

  8. I love graffiti. I love the word. Some people get hung up over it, but I think they’re fighting a losing battle. Graffiti equals amazing to me. Every other type of art compared to graffiti is a step down—no two ways about it. If you operate outside of graffiti, you operate at a lower level. Other art has less to offer people, it means less, and it’s weaker. I make normal paintings if I have ideas that are too complex or offensive to go out on the street, but if I ever stopped being a graffiti writer I would be gutted. It would feel like being a basket weaver rather than being a proper artist.1

  9. I have sympathy for both sides in that conflict, and I did receive quite a bit of support from regular Israelis, but if the Israeli government had known we were going over there to do a sustained painting attack on their wall, there’s no way that we’d have been tolerated. They’re very paranoid. They don’t want the wall to be an issue in the West. On the Israeli side of the wall they bank it up with soil and plant flowers so you don’t even know its there. On the Palestinian side it’s just a fucking huge mass of concrete.2

  10. We were out in the middle of the day, making it very clear we were tourists. Twice, we had serious trouble with the army, but one time the Palestinian border patrol pulled up in an armored truck. The Israeli government makes a big fuss about how they own the wall, despite building it right through the farmland of Palestinians who have been there for generations, so the Palestinian border police don’t give a shit if you paint it or not. They parked between the road and us, gave us water, and just watched.3

  11. ---DISCUSSIONS---

    Nikki Ann Crewe March 20 at 2:47pm
    Hey guys how's the paper coming??

    Julia Szenberg March 20 at 3:16pm Reply • Report
    I watched two documentaries this morning one on Banksy, Exit Through the Gift Shop and another one on Basquiat. I have all my sources for Basquiat and I've been in the process of writing it all and figuring out the measurements for the room. I will be finish by around 5 with all the writing and posting it to the Wiki.

    I also wrote the title, publisher, and date to every source I used including little descriptions for all the sources I used so that it will be easier for Skye to make the Annoted Bibliography. I will be posting those shortly to the wiki within the next 15 minutes.

    I am unsure whether I can meet tonight or not I already told Larissa. My friend passed away this Spring Break and her parents had a private family funeral but are now having a "Celebration of Life" with her close friends and family members this evening. It was originally supposed to be at 3:30 now it's postponed till 5:30 this is why I said I was going to be out of town this weekend. So I will never be leaving Sarasota where I currently am till at least 7:30 if not 8:30 and wont be back to Orlando till late tonight. So I am unsure if I can meet but I can try my best I just really do not want to miss this ceremony it is really important to me.

    I promise to post everything finalized to the wiki. If you want me to change ANYTHING AT ALL about what I have done just send me an E-mail via FB of what you would like me to do and I will do it ASAP as soon as I get back from the "Celebration of Life" ceremony. Also I have time from 11 to 12 tomorrow before class to print out the final proposal if you guys would like me to print it all out.

    Nikki Ann Crewe March 20 at 3:38pm
    thats fine i wouldnt be able to meet either tonight because i already have meetings from 7 to midnight and right now im home and i still have to travel back to rollins.
    but thats great i just wanted to make sure you all remembered lol
    Sent via Facebook Mobile

  12. Julia Szenberg March 20 at 4:53pm Reply • Report
    Ok I have posted everything I have done so far. I have two more paragraphs to write, one which is already half written... and I will post them on the wiki as soon as I'm back from my friends "Celebration of life Ceremony."
    Please give me feedback so far on what I have written or if I need to change anything...
    Thank You : )

    Good Luck everyone!

    Larissa Lopez March 20 at 6:29pm Reply • Report
    This sounds perfect to me because I probably wouldn't have been able to go tonight. Im working on everything now and I like the idea of meeting up before class to print everything because Art History is my first class of the day :)

    Larissa Lopez March 20 at 8:00pm Reply • Report
    does it matter where we get the information for the artists? can it be a google search or does it have to be "scholarly articles" from the r-search site??

    Julia Szenberg March 20 at 8:04pm Reply • Report
    It would be best to be from scholarly articles like a book on the artist or an article on the artist... but if not possible just use the internet, no biggie.

    Make sure to let Skye know what you use so she can do the bibliography. I already gave Skye 4 or 5 books and documentaries I used which are all scholarly so if you only have one or two scholarly im sure it's fine. Because we only need 7 for the preliminary proposal so we're set. Just try and find maybe 1 or 2.

    Try your best : )
    All that matters now really is that we get it done so no biggie if you can't find scholarly : )

  13. Julia Szenberg March 20 at 8:06pm Reply • Report
    All my stuff is done and posted on the Wiki so now whoever finalizes it you may place it where-ever in the prelimary proposal you would like. And if you need me to edit any of it just let me know by tonight please : )
    Bc tomorrow morning I will be driving back to Orlando instead of tonight, so I actually will be there just in time for class.

    Julia Szenberg March 20 at 8:19pm Reply • Report
    PS. Larissa when you are looking up the works you want to place and the dimensions make sure you are not using the same wall gallery space as the one I already used for Basquiat. I'm using the wall space to the right when you enter the Yust Gallery the 17 feet by 4 inch wall : ) Just a heads up!

    Larissa Lopez March 20 at 8:22pm Reply • Report
    okay no problem! :)

    Larissa Lopez March 20 at 8:28pm Reply • Report
    did we decide on a specific space invader piece or should I pick one or two that fit the gallery?

    Skye Anico March 20 at 8:29pm Reply • Report
    i would personally like to see one of Invader's rubix cube pieces included

    Larissa Lopez March 20 at 8:31pm Reply • Report
    okay i'll pick one of those. and should I do one from invader and one from the invisible man o not even include him and just do 2 from invader? sorry for all the questions lol

    Larissa Lopez March 20 at 8:31pm Reply • Report

    Skye Anico March 20 at 8:33pm Reply • Report
    one from the invisible man, if you can find reliable sources of his work.

    Larissa Lopez March 20 at 8:33pm Reply • Report
    okey dokey

    Nikki Ann Crewe March 20 at 10:12pm
    Saweeet! Also I have a class right before in so I won't be able to meet up before to print (thats why I'm usually running in right at the beginning of class lol)

  14. Larissa Lopez March 20 at 10:27pm Reply • Report
    theres a cool sculpture by space invader with rubiks cubes, we only have one sculpture right? its 36 x 42 x 18 cm so it will fit :)

    Julia Szenberg March 20 at 10:28pm Reply • Report
    Yeah we only have one sculpture : )

    Julia Szenberg March 20 at 10:29pm Reply • Report
    But if it can fit maybe worth putting yours in too if it won't be too squished : )

    Larissa Lopez March 20 at 10:37pm Reply • Report
    yea i think its pretty small :) but now Im stumped about a wall piece because the rubiks ones are amazing but maybe we should show one of his ordinary ones?

    Julia Szenberg March 20 at 10:38pm Reply • Report
    Yeah def whatever you feel is best....
    But I do agree we should also focus on other stuff he's done too... go ahead and put one of those in : )

    Larissa Lopez March 20 at 10:39pm Reply • Report
    lol okay :)

    Larissa Lopez March 20 at 11:37pm Reply • Report
    I feel like the object list will definitely be more than 2 pages Im just going to finish off the intro in 1 page instead of 2.....

    Skye Anico March 20 at 11:39pm Reply • Report
    intro should be two pages, cuz Libby specifically says in the guide that it should be
    its fine if the object list is 2pgs + half

    Julia Szenberg March 20 at 11:39pm Reply • Report
    The object list is going to be really long so I think that's a good idea Larissa...

    Can anyone put this all together tomorrow and print it before class?

    I will be driving back from Sarasota and unfortunately will be back just in time for class if not a little late for class.

    Julia Szenberg March 20 at 11:40pm Reply • Report
    Oh I didn't know is specifically said that Skye... my bad Larissa...

    Skye Anico March 20 at 11:40pm Reply • Report
    i have like a hr to spare before class, i could do it

    Larissa Lopez March 20 at 11:41pm Reply • Report
    Oh okay oops didn't see that -_- lol

    Julia Szenberg March 20 at 11:42pm Reply • Report
    Thank you Skye! I hope you got the list of sources I posted on the Wiki... hope that helps with the Annoted bibliography!

    Skye Anico March 20 at 11:44pm Reply • Report
    i did! and it does~
    because its actual sources we used and not "potential ones" that i'm just sorta bullshitting to get 2 pages

    Julia Szenberg March 20 at 11:45pm Reply • Report
    Yeah I used all of those so you can definitely use them and the documentaries too I used them. I sited them also in the writing of the object list.

    Larissa Lopez March 27 at 2:19pm Reply • Report
    Hey guys!! Do we have anything due on monday for the project??

    Nikki Ann Crewe March 27 at 2:26pm
    Nope its all due April 4th if im not mistaken

    Julia Szenberg April 2 at 11:29pm

    Hey guys tomorrow we need to meet to finalize and put everything together for the preliminary proposal.

    - Everyone bring in an electronic copy of what you wrote for the proposal whether it be the research of the artist, the intro, or the bibliography
    - The people who wrote about artists and their pieces aka me, Larissa, and John bring in pictures of the images going into the exhibition because for the final proposal we have to have images attached
    - John please bring in all your Banksy stuff typed and ready so all we have to do is add it in to what we already have.

    Unfortunately because my family from France is in town I can't meet until around 5:30/6 tomorrow on Sunday would that be a good time for everyone else? Putting it all together should take 2 hours max.

    Lastly, I know Skye said something about researching maybe one more artists, I forgot his name (ask skye) would either you skye like to do that or Nikki... considering Larissa, John, and I have already each researched at least one artist if not two.

    -See you tomorrow guys...

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  16. To Do List of Today's Meeting:::

    Cultural Statement
    Review Paper -- Libby's Comments
    Double Check the walls
    Print out pictures

  17. Nikki Ann Crewe April 3 at 6:24pm
    Here we work on the Paper and some additional works.

    Skye Anico April 3 at 8:42pm Reply • Report
    Wall Text Google Doc