Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great job! --and your group assignments

First, great job matching art to themes! You're coming up with great ideas and I'm impressed by how astute and creative you are.

Here are your group assignments. I'll have a question soon to help get you started working together.

Team 1: Skye Anico, Larissa Lopez, Nikki Crewe, John Del Rossi, Julia Szenberg

Team 2: This will be the Zora Neale Hurston/Harlem Renaissance team (see virtual exhibition assignment for explanation): Cory Baden, Grace Loescher, Morgan Gill, Kelly Thayer, Nick Wejchert

Team 3: Zach Baldwin, Samantha Rosen, Robert Burrows, Lauren Zook, Mary Hortenstine

Team 4: Christian Bromley, Morgan Williams, Elyse DeLisle, Samantha Ullian, Katie Gentsch

Team 5: Chelsea Curto, Morgan Fitzgerald, Alexis Csenger, Julia McGinnis, Alex Brierly

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